Santa Monica Christmas Nativity Scene 
Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 07:54PM
Fabian Lewkowicz

The 65th annual Santa Monica Christmas Nativity Scene on display at Calvary Baptist Church. Each year since 1953, the city of Santa Monica has celebrated Christmas by hosting a series of Nativity scenes assembled by local churches to tell the story of the birth of Christ.  Originally, 14 independent  scenes with life-size figures depicting events surrounding Christ's birth lined Ocean Avenue in Palisades Park.  In 2011, atheists who opposed the religious displays were successful in influencing the city’s decision to end all unattended displays in the park.  While the displays no longer line Ocean Avenue on public property,  the nativity scene is still being staged on the grounds of Calvary Baptist Church, at 1502 20th Street, Santa Monica. 

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