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Retired Santa Monica Police Lieutenant Jay Trisler begins his cross country walk across the United States from the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Trisler pans on finishing his 3,100 mile walk in around 7 months at Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is walking across the United States in support of his favorite entities; God and Cops.

"This is a journey I have wanted to do for some time. Having recently retired from law enforcement, I have a passion for the work that the men and women. It is a profession that I am proud to have participated in for over 30 years. I look back over my years and I thank God for the wonderful days I had. I am saddened by the atmosphere that prevelant in the media when pertaining to law enforcement. I hope to have the ability and words to spread the good work that law enforcement does.”

To follow Trislers cross country journey and for more info, visit his website GodandCops.com : https://www.godandcops.com

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