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National Animal Rights Day 

National Animal Rights Day - Images by Fabian Lewkowicz

Dozens of activist stand in formation cradling the bodies of deceased animals including pigs, chickens, rabbits, cats and kittens, rats and mice, wild birds, turtles and many others at Santa Monica Beach during observance of National Animal Rights Day on Saturday, May 31, 2014

After the ceremony the Declaration of Animal Rights, a 70-foot long scroll declaring the rights of all animals bearing thousands of signatures from people from all over the world was unveiled, read by the children in attendance, and signed. 

Participating in Observe National Animal Rights Day was approximately 150 local residents representing a diverse coalition of animal and environmental protection organizations including Our Planet. Theirs Too., Animal Protection and Rescue League, Animal Defenders International, Expand Animal Rights Now, Farm Animal Rights Movement, In Defense of Animals, Last Chance for Animals, PETA, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society California.

Our Planet. Theirs Too. was formed in 2011 to bring the internationally observed Animal Rights Day to the United States, and since then, events have been held across the country to give a voice to the billions of animals who suffer and die by human hands; mourn their losses and this adverse impact on them, the environment, and human health; reiterate their rights to live happy and free; and celebrate the progress being made towards changing this reality. Similar events are held in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, and Australia, among others.


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