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Pico-Kenter Storm Drain

As part of its annual beach grooming activities, Los Angeles County Public Works began backfilling the Pico-Kenter outfall and reseal stormwater pond today. Expect work through June 4, from 9;30am to 4pm. It is advised not to swim near the site where stormwater will be released, where Pico Blvd reaches the ocean. The work involves creating a barrier by filling in Pico-Kenter to remove any stagnant or ponded water at the site. The barrier also diverts any dry urban runoff to the sanitary sewer system for treatment. This work helps ensure better ocean water quality around the Pico-Kenter site. Questions can be directed to Jasson Velez with Los Angeles County Public Works at 626-458-4304 or JVELEZ@dpw.lacounty.gov. George Rodriguez with the City of Santa Monica’s Water Resources team can also be contacted at 310-458-8235 or george.rodriguez@smgov.net.

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